ERINA gathers Northeast Asian economic information,
undertakes research and survey work, and promotes economic exchange.


24 Jun. 2017|ERINA-Chronicle
Niigata Business Club Foundation Commemoration Open Forum “The New Currents and Challenges in Exchange between the Far East and Niigata” [ERINA supported] (Center for Integrated Human Brain Science, Brain Research Institute, Niigata University)
24 Jun. 2017|ERINA-Chronicle
NSG College League “Japanese-Language Speech Contest” [ERINA supported] (Toki Messe)
24 Jun. 2017|ERINA-Chronicle
Senshu University special lecture “Korea Law and Society” (Tokyo, Senior Research Fellow Tomoyoshi Nakajima)
22 Jun. 2017|ERINA-Chronicle
22–23 June Fifth Renewable Energy International Conference (Yakutsk, Business Support Division Deputy Director Yuji Adachi)
21 Jun. 2017|ERINA-Chronicle
Daishi Bank and the City of Niigata “Latest Russia Economic Seminar: Newly Developing Japan–Russia Economic Relations and Business Opportunities” [ERINA supported] (Toki Messe)