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undertakes research and survey work, and promotes economic exchange.


29 Nov. 2016|ERINA-Chronicle
Presentation at the “Foreign and Overseas Human Resources Utilization Seminar” organized by Daishi Bank and Niigata Industrial Creation Organization [ERINA supported] (Niigata Unison Plaza, Business Support Promotion Officer Cai Shengxi)
28 Nov. 2016|ERINA-Chronicle
Internal Seminar “ ‘One Belt One Road’ and the Economic Development of Liaoning Province” (Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, ERINA Meeting Room)
25 Nov. 2016|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Business News No. 118 published
21 Nov. 2016|ERINA-Chronicle
21–23 November “2016 Japan–China Economic Cooperation Conference in Toyama” [ERINA collaboration] (Toyama City)
21 Nov. 2016|ERINA-Chronicle
21–22 November Holding of the ERINA Research Group “Evaluation of the Potential for the Economic Development of the Russian Far East” (ERINA Meeting Room, Research Division Director Hirofumi Arai)