ERINA gathers Northeast Asian economic information,
undertakes research and survey work, and promotes economic exchange.


16 Jul. 2021|ERINA-Chronicle
Attendance at the Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) “Korean Peninsula Economic Research Group” (Fukushima City, Research Division Director ARAI Hirofumi, Senior Research Fellow MIMURA Mitsuhiro)
15 Jul. 2021|ERINA-Chronicle
Staging of the Web Seminar “Economic Outlooks with COVID-19 -Global, Japan, and Niigata” supported by the Niigata Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Niigata Association of Corporate Executives (Online, TANAKA Yasunari, Researcher, Center for Policy and Economy, Mitsubishi Research Institute; KON Yuka, Researcher, Research Center of Niigata; LI Chunxia, Associate Senior Research Fellow, ERINA)
15 Jul. 2021|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Special Lecture for Schools (Online, Kaishi Kokusai High School, Senior Research Fellow NAKAJIMA Tomoyoshi)
10 Jul. 2021|ERINA-Chronicle
“Niigata Prefecture International Students’ Job Fair 2022,” sponsored by Niigata Prefecture [ERINA organized] (Toki Messe)
7 Jul. 2021|ERINA-Chronicle
“International Personnel Recruitment and Utilization Seminar” organized by Niigata Prefecture [Co-staged by ERINA] (Online, SHIBASAKI Yohei, CEO, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation)