2012 News

6 July 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Report at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, IAA, “Siberia Team Research Group” (Kyoto, Deputy Director General Tadashi Sugimoto)
29 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Staging of the “Niigata Prefecture International Students’ Job Fair 2013” (Niigata Citizens Plaza)
28 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Visit of researchers from the Port and Logistics Research Department, Korea Maritime Institute, and others (Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura, et al)
27 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address entitled “The Strategy Emphasizing the Far East of the New Putin Administration: The Ways for Engagement for Japan and Niigata” at the Japan–Russia Goodwill Niigata City Assembly Members League Training Workshop (Niigata City Office, Deputy Director General Tadashi Sugimoto)
23 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Report at the Japanese Research Association for Chinese Economy (Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
23 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
First ROK Economic System Research Group (Tokyo, Senior Research Fellow Tomoyoshi Nakajima)
21 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address at the FY 2012 Niigata Federation of Companies for International Relations Regular General Meeting (Niigata Grand Hotel, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
15 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Report No. 106 published
14 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
[14-15 June] Participation in and reports at the “International Forum on Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation and Development” (Harbin, Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
14 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
FY 2012 Meeting of the ERINA Board of Councilors
12 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
[12 June onward] Internship student from the Monterey Institute of International Studies begins program at ERINA (Joel Post, to 10 August)
8 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address entitled “China’s Regional Economies and Regional Policies from the Perspective of an Overseas Scholar” at the School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
7 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in and report at the “2012 Incheon–Dandong–Hankyoreh West Sea Cooperation Forum” (Dandong, China, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura, Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao)
1 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
FY 2012 2nd seminar for supporting members “The Past, Present, and Future of the Economic Giant China” (Bandaijima Building, Daito Bunka University, Faculty of International Relations, Department of International Relations, Associate Professor Nobuhiro Okamoto)
1 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Contribution of pieces entitled “Developments in the Upgrading of Transportation Infrastructure in Northeast Asia” and “Northeastern China’s Economic Development and Logistics” to The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc. “Kaiun”, No. 1017, June 2012 edition (Senior Research Fellow Hirofumi Arai, Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao)
1 June 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
East Asia Trade Research Board FY 2012 Regular General Supervisors’ Report (Tokyo, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
30 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address at the Northeast Asia Natural Gas Development and Utilization Research Group Members’ Seminar (Tokyo, ERINA Deputy Director-General Tadashi Sugimoto)
30 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Northeast Asia Natural Gas Development and Utilization Research Group FY 2012 General Meeting (Tokyo, Representative Director Yoshiaki Nishimura, et al)
30 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address at the “NEAR Working-level Workshop” organized by the Association of North East Asia Regional Governments (NEAR) (Gyeongju, ROK, Visiting Fellow Shinsaku Suzuki)
26 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Address at the “New Developments in Global Economic Systems and Free Trade” project research group, The Institute of Economic Research, Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa, Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao)
25 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Business News No. 91 published
24 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
FY 2012 1st Meeting of the ERINA Board of Directors
19 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Presentation at the Japan Association for Asian Studies East Japan Annual Meeting (Tokyo, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
9 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Special lecture entitled “North Korea’s Past, Present and Future and Japan”, University of Niigata Prefecture “South Korean Culture and Society” (Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
9 May 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Judge for the staging proposals for “The Second Niigata International Food Award Ceremony” and “Food Focus Niigata 2012” (Planning & PR Division Director Toshihiko Nakamura)
25 April 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Contribution of piece entitled “Proposals related to the Joint Development of the Northeast Asian Region” to “NEAR News” Vol. 44, 2012 3-4 (Representative Director Yoshiaki Nishimura)
25 April 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Judge for the “Russian Far East–Niigata Prefecture Product Sales Promotion Model Project” planning competition (Visiting Fellow Shinsaku Suzuki)
24 April 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
FY 2012 1st seminar for supporting members ” ‘Peoples Spanning Borders’ and International Relations: From the perspective of Sino-ROK relations concerning ‘China’s ethnic Koreans’ ” (Toki Messe Conference Room, Wako University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Sociological Sciences, Professor Yu Hyo-Chong)
19 April 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
Internal Study Group “The Four Points of View for Deciphering the ‘Territorial Dispute’” (ERINA Meeting Room, Speaker: ERINA Deputy Director-General Tadashi Sugimoto)
15 April 2012|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Report No. 105 published