2013 News

30 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Appearance on the TV Asahi program “Wide Show: Scramble” (Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
27 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
The Northeast Asian Economic Review Vol. 1 No. 2 published
16 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Staging of the Northeast Asian Energy Security Panel Discussion “Energy to Connect Northeast Asia” (Toki Messe)
15 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Report No. 115 published
15 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Northeast Asia Economic Databook 2013 published
14 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Appearance on Nippon Television Network “News Zero” program (Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
10 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Seminar on the Hiring Situation of Foreign Exchange Students by Firms within Niigata Prefecture (Tsubame–Sanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center Research Core)
9 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
“Ten Years of the ‘Niigata Prefecture International Students’ Job Fair’ ” (Toki Messe)
9 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Visit of Gazprom Oriental Projects Coordination Directorate Head and party (Representative Director Yoshiaki Nishimura, et al)
5 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
FY 2013 5th seminar for supporting members “Russia’s Political Situation before the Sochi Olympics and Japan–Russia Relations in the Future” (Toki Messe Conference Room, NHK Commentator Ichiyo Ishikawa)
3 December 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Radiopress, Inc. Lecture Meeting “Policy Emphasizing the Economy of the DPRK: The potential for self-sufficient economic development” (Tokyo, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
29 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Presentation at the international conference staged by the Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University (Seoul, Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao)
25 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
The Japan Institute of International Affairs “Korean Peninsula Scenario Planning” Research Project Research Group Meeting (Tokyo, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
25 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
“Attempts at the Construction of Northeast Asian Logistics” at the meeting for reporting on the project supported by the Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Co-operation “Construction of Trade Routes to Northeastern China Utilizing Ports on the Sea of Japan Coast” (Tokyo, Business Support Division Director Hisashi Sato, et al)
25 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Business News No. 100 published
21 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Speaker at the Obtaining Employment Lecture Meeting, organized by the International Exchange Committee, Faculty of Economics, Niigata University (Niigata University, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
20 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
“The Economy and Business Opportunities of Northeastern China: The attractiveness of and current picture for China’s remaining growth center” Suifenhe seminar , organized by Gunma Prefecture (Maebashi, Business Support Division Director Hisashi Sato, et al)
19 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Energy Conservation and New Energy Business Finding Meeting (Toki Messe Conference Room, Planning & PR Division Director Toshihiko Nakamura, et al)
18 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
The Sixth Japan–Russia Energy and Environment Dialogue, in Niigata (Toki Messe)
16 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
[16-25 November] The Japan Institute of International Affairs “Korean Peninsula Scenario Planning” research project requested trip (Vladivostok, Moscow, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
11 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Staging of the Harbin High & New Technology Industrial Development Zone introductory seminar (Hotel Nikko Niigata, Managing Director Koichi Ito, et al.)
8 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation and presentation at the “Development of the Russian Far East and the Search for a New Paradigm for Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia” international conference organized by Seoul National University (Seoul, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura)
7 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Attendance and address at the Niigata Prefecture Overseas Trainee Hosting Association Workshop (Nagaoka, Research Fellow Mu Yaoqian)
5 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Panelist for the “Approaches toward the Development of Japan–Russia Cooperation in the Russian Far East and East Siberia” panel discussion, at the Japan–Russia International Research Symposium: “Mysteries of the Russian Far East: Achievements of Scientific Collaboration with Hokkaido University” (Sapporo, Representative Director Yoshiaki Nishimura)
1 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
[1-2 November] Participation and presentations at the “Asia Economic Community Forum 2013” (Seoul, Research Division Director Mitsuhiro Mimura, and Senior Research Fellow Tomoyoshi Nakajima)
1 November 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Contribution of piece entitled “The Current Status of and Challenges for the China Land-Bridge: From the case example of Kazakhstan’s Globalink” to Rhinos Publications “LOGI-BIZ Monthly Logistics Business” November edition (Co-authored) (Associate Senior Research Fellow Zhu Yonghao)
30 October 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “Japan–Russia Urban Environment Council Inaugural Meeting” (Tokyo, Business Support Division Deputy Director Takeshi Sakemi)
29 October 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
[29 October–2 November] Participation at the 14th Consultative Commission Meeting of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) and the Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation Forum (Ulaanbaatar, Senior Research Fellow Hirofumi Arai)
28 October 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Japan–China Economic Cooperation Conference in Niigata (Toki Messe)
28 October 2013|ERINA-Chronicle
Internal Seminar “Northeast Asian Regional Economic Exchange and Distribution” (Da Zhigang, Director, Northeast Asia Research Institute, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, and Woo Jungwouk, Professor, Korea National University of Transportation)