4 November 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Northeast Asia International Tourism Promotion Forum (CrossPal Niigata)
31 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[31st October – 5th November] Participation in the China’s Northeastern Development Strategy and New Possibilities for Sino-Japanese Regional Cooperation study (organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ritsumeikan University) (Harbin, Changchun, Jilin, Beijing, Senior Economist Hisako Tsuji)
31 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Experts’ Meeting on Energy Resources in Northeast Asia (Bandaijima Buidling, Susumu Abe, Acting President of the Asia Pipeline Research Society of Japan, and others)
28 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Niigata Prefecture International Students’ Job Fair (Nagaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
27 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[27th – 28th October] Participation in the 14th Meeting of the International Coordinating Council of Transsiberian Transportation (Seoul, Senior Economist Hisako Tsuji)
25 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Meeting to establish the Executive Committee for the 3rd IFNAT (International Forum of Northeast Asian Tourism) in Niigata (Niigata Central Community Center)
24 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
JESNA Vol.5 No.2 published
24 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in the Niigata Prefecture Investigative Commission on the Attraction of Foreign Businesses to Niigata (Niigata Prefectural Office, Associate Senior Researcher Masayuki Tsukuba)
23 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[23rd – 27th October] Participation in the conference The Current Situation and Future of East Asian Economic Cooperation (held by KIEP) (Moscow, Researcher Mitsuhiro Mimura)
23 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[23rd – 25th October] Participation in the international conference Prospects for Cross-Border Cooperation in the East Sea Sub-Region (Seoul, Researcher Shoichi Ito)
17 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[17th – 24th October] Dispatch of a lecturer to lead a training program on practical trade, commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Center (Khabarovsk)
17 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[17th – 23rd October] Participation in the Niigata City Economic Exchange Mission to Far Eastern Russia (Khabarovsk & Vladivostok, Researcher Momoko Horikawa)
16 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[16th – 21st October] Participation in the international conference New Paradigms for Trans-Pacific Collaboration (Seattle, Researcher Shoichi Ito)
15 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Report Vol.66 published
12 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[12th – 14th October] Participation in the conference The Russia Far East: Problems of Economic Integration with Asia-Pacific Countries (Vladivostok, General Affairs Division Director Hirofumi Arai)
12 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Visit to ERINA by trainees from Uzbekneftegaz (Uzbekistan’s state-owned oil company)
7 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[7th – 10th October] Participation in the Niigata City delegation visiting Tianjin (Tianjin & Beijing, External Relations Division Deputy Director Toshihiko Nakamura)
4 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Visit to ERINA by Djambulat Tekiev, Vice-Chairman of the Primorsky Territory Legislative Assembly, Zhu Yehui, Director of the Tumen River Area Development Administration, People’s Government of Jilin Province, and Cai Xuyang, Deputy Mayor of Hunchun
3 October 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Meeting of the Investigative Commission on Cross-Japan Sea International Shipping Routes (Hotel Niigata)
30 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
ERINA Business News Vol.51 published
29 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in the International Workshop on Building an Integrated Infrastructure on the Korean Peninsula, organized by the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (Anyang, Senior Fellow Ikuo Mitsuhashi)
29 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in the Korea-Japan CDM Workshop held by the Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) & ERINA (Seoul, Researcher Shoichi Ito)
28 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[28th September – 2nd October] Participation in the ESCAP Conference on Promoting Container Transport in the Trans-Asian Railway Northern Corridor (Moscow, Senior Economist Hisako Tsuji)
28 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in the 9th International Conference on Northeast Asian Natural Gas and Pipelines (Seoul, Researcher Shoichi Ito)
27 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[27th – 28th September] Participation in the First Far Eastern International Economic Conference (Khabarovsk, General Affairs Division Director Hirofumi Arai)
26 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Participation in the East-West Institute Working Group on Energy Cooperation within G8 Plus (Brussels, Researcher Shoichi Ito)
21 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
21st September Presentation by the internship student from Niigata University
20 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[20th – 24th September] Participation in the 6th International Conference of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) (Bangkok, Senior Fellow Ikuo Mitsuhashi)
20 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
[20th – 22nd September] Participation in the 2005 Northeast Asia Hi-Tech Exposition and the 2005 Northeast Asia Economic Forum (Shenyang, Research Division Director Vladimir Ivanov)
15 September 2005|ERINA-Chronicle
Meeting to exchange opinions with the Managerial Committee and Supporting Members (Toki Messe)