International Collaborative Research into the Northeast Asian Economy

Regional Development Straddling Borders


What will become the key to furthering regional development in Northeast Asia, where the countries border one another, is cooperation which transcends countries. ERINA has amassed research in this field over many years, and has the lead in international collaborative research, centered on the areas of “Northeast Asian transportation corridors” and the “economic development of northeastern China and Northeast Asia”.

May 2013 ERINA REPORT No.111
“Special Feature: The Current Situation and Future Prospects for Northeast Asian Transportation Corridors”
March 2013 ERINA Northeast Asia Research Series 2, “The Developments in the Economy of China’s Northeast: Northeast Asia’s new era”
February 2012 ERINA Northeast Asia Research Series 1, “The Challenges Confronting Northeast Asia and International Cooperation: The Northeast Asia International Conference for Economic Development (NICE)”
November 2011 ERINA REPORT No.102
“Special Feature: The Deepening of Economic Relations in the Northeast Asian Region centered around Northeastern China”
September 2009 ERINA REPORT Vol.89
“Special Feature: Northeast Asian Distribution Today”
February, 2003 ERINA booklet vol.2, “Ten Years of Tumen River Area Development: Evaluation and Issues”
June, 2002 ERINA booklet vol.1, “Vision for the Northeast Asia Transportation Corridors”

Environmental and Energy Cooperation


The cooperation among nations concerning the energy resources of eastern Russia, the issue of energy security for Northeast Asia as a whole, and the issue of global warming are matters for this region which are of a global scale, and are major international collaborative research areas at ERINA also.

July 2012 ERINA REPORT No.106
“Special Feature “Energy Security in Northeast Asia”
March 2011 ERINA REPORT Vol.98
“Special Feature: The Climate Change Issues related to the Northeast Asia”
January 2010 ERINA REPORT Vol.91
“Special Feature: Energy Security in Northeast Asia”
September, 2007 ERINA REPORT Vol.77
“Special Feature: Special Issue: Energy Security and Multilateral Cooperation”
March, 2007 ERINA booklet Vol.5, “Enhancing the Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia in a New Dimension: Regional Cooperation on the Kyoto Mechanisms”
July, 2006 ERINA REPORT Vol.70
“Special Feature: 2006 Japan-Russia Energy Forum in Niigata”
December, 2005 ERINA booklet Vol.4, “2005 Niigata Japan-Russia Energy Forum in Niigata”
March, 2005 ERINA REPORT Vol.62
“China, Japan and Russia: Towards a New Energy Security Nexus”

Northeast Asian Economic Partnerships

We are carrying out investigation, information gathering and analysis on free trade areas in the Asia–Pacific region, with priority given to the Japan–China–ROK FTA, an East Asian Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP).

March 2011 ERINA Publication Encouragement Project: “Food Security and Industrial Clusters in Northeast Asia”
January 2011 ERINA REPORT Vol.97
“Special Feature: The Banking Sector of the Northeast Asian Countries”
March 2010 ERINA Publication Encouragement Project: “Contemporary ROK Economic Issues”
March 2010 ERINA REPORT Vol.92
Special Series: The Global Financial Crisis and the Northeast Asian Economy (Part 3)
January 2010 ERINA REPORT Vol.91
“Special Series: The Global Financial Crisis and the Northeast Asian Economy (Part 2)”
November 2009 ERINA REPORT Vol.90
“Special Series: The Global Financial Crisis and the Northeast Asian Economy (Part 1)”
July 2008 ERINA REPORT Vol.82
Special Feature on “Northeast Asia and FTA”
March 2008 ERINA REPORT Vol.80
Special Feature on “Food Security on Northeast Asia”
July 2007 ERINA REPORT Vol.76
“Japan-ROK FTA Special Feature”

Market-oriented economic reform in Northeast Asia

From FY 2014 this is a new area of international collaborative research. Along with evaluating the latent potential for Russia’s economic development, we will also work for the nurturing of the human resources to support market-oriented economic reform.