2020 NICE in Niigata

Conference Outline

Dates to be Held: Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 January 2020

Venue: Marine Hall, 4th Floor, Toki Messe

Organizers: NICE Executive Committee (Niigata Prefecture, City of Niigata, and ERINA)

Languages to Be Used:Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, and Korean


5 February 2020 (Wednesday)

13:00 Organizers’ and Guest Welcoming Addresses
13:30 Keynote Addresses
Topic 1: The U.S.-China Trade Friction and the Chinese Economy
ZHANG Yunling, Former Director, Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Topic 2: Energy Policy toward 2050
TAMURA Kentaro, Program Director of Climate and Energy, Institute for Global Environment Strategies
15:00 Session 1: China’s Economic Transformation and Northeast Asia
<Coordinator> KAWAI Masahiro, Representative Director, ERINA
  • China’s Economic Transformation (Trade and investment patterns, trade policy, U.S.-China trade friction, China’s approach to WTO reform, Belt and Road Initiative)
  • China’s economic strategies toward Northeast Asia
  • Japan, Russia, the ROK, the DPRK and Mongolia’s economic strategies toward China
18:30 Reception Banquet

6 February 2020 (Thursday)

09:30 Session 2: Japan-Russia Energy and Environment Dialogue― the Paris Agreement and Energy Security in Northeast Asia
<Coordinator> ENKHBAYAR Shagdar, Senior Research Fellow, ERINA
  • Energy policies of China, Russia, the ROK, Mongolia and Japan, and the Paris Agreement
  • Latest analysis: Russian Arctic development New Energy Plan of Niigata Prefecture
13:30  Future Leaders Program
Topic: Futuristic Scenarios for Northeast Asia
  • Presentation by teams or individuals (4-min presentation + 8-min Q&A); maximum of 5 participants (teams/individuals)
  • Award of Grand Prize and Special Prize (session panelists to judge and question participants)
  • Target: undergraduate and graduate students from universities in Niigata Prefecture
15:00 Session 3: The Importance of Free Trade in Northeast Asia – Impacts of U.S.-China Trade Friction on Companies
<Coordinator and Keynote Reporter> MAIE Yoichi, Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
  • Analysis of the economic impacts of U.S.-China trade friction
  • Corporate case reports (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, U.S. foreign affiliates in Japan, etc.)
17:30 FLP commendation ceremony
17:40 Closing Remarks

KAWAI Masahiro Chairperson, NICE Executive Committee Representative Director, ERINA

Applications to participate

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