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November 1994 Vol. 4

ERINA REPORT Vol. 4 [2.53MB]

  • Direction of Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia (J)
    Heung-Goo Kang, Director General, Center for Area Studies, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
  • Korean Enterprises in Northeast Asia: Prospects of Successful Cooperation Between Japan and the Republic of Korea (J)
    Hikaru Okuma, Regional Executive & General Manager, Seoul Office, the Bank of Tokyo, Ltd.
  • Current Status of Korean Trade and Investment in Northeast Asia (J)
    Yoshiyuki Izawa
  • Conference on the Promotion of Business Exchange Between Russia and Japan (J)
  • Seminar on the Utilization of the New Sea Route to China (J)
  • Report on the International Bank Conference in Vladivostok (J)
    Masashi Nakajima
  • Moscow after Four Years (J)
    Masao Ichioka
  • Voyage Report on the Eastern Silk Road Across the Sea (J)
    Hiroyuki Tazawa
  • ERINA News (J)

August 1994 Vol. 3

ERINA REPORT Vol. 3 [2.43MB]

  • Global Warming and Development in Northeast Asia (J)
    Shuntaro Shishido, Vice President, ERINA / Professor, International Management and Research Institute, International University of Japan
  • Progress of the Tumen River Area Development During the First Half of 1994 (J)
    Ding Shicheng, Director, Tumen River Area Development Office, Jilin Province
  • Current Status of the Tumen River Area Development (J)
    Aleksandr P. Latkin, Doctor in Economics Director, International Institute Economic Conjuctur and Prognosing
  • Globalization of Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises: From the View Point of the Japan Sea Rim Economic Subregion (J)
    Tamotsu Nakano
  • Practical Guide for Investment in China and ASEAN Countries (J)
    Present State of China and Investment Strategy: Factors of Launching Based on Examples of Success and Failure
    Present Situation in ASEAN
  • Foreign Investment Trip Report on Northeast China (J)
    Toru Miyajima
  • Tumen River Area Development:
    • Projects Under Way and the Tax System for Special Economic Zones (J)
    • Railway Network in the Tumen River Area (J)
    • Road Network in the Tumen River Area (J)
  • Trade Matrix among Northeast Asian Countries (J)
  • ERINA News (J)

May 1994 Vol. 2

ERINA REPORT Vol. 2 [4.87MB]

Special Issue: The 1994 Japan Sea Rim Stage

  • Program (J)
  • Messages (J)
    Ikuo Hirayama, Governor of Niigata Prefecture
    Yoshiaki Hasegawa, Mayor of Niigata City
  • Keynote Speech
    Issues and Future Development in the Japan Sea Rim (J)
    Hisao Kanamori, President, ERINA
  • Guest Speech
    Prospects for Cooperation in Northeast Asia (J)
    Robert A. Scalapino, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
  • Commemoration Symposium “Issues and Future Development in the Japan Sea Rim” (J)
  • Session 1:
    I. Report: Economic Development and Industrial Structure in Northeast Asia (J)
    II. Symposium: Conditions for Establishing the Northeast Asian Economic Subregion (J)
  • Session 2:
    The Present and Future State of Japan Sea Rim Economic Exchange (J)
  • The International Press Symposium on the Japan Sea Rim in Niigata (J)
  • Summaries of Speeches by the Japan Sea Rim Niigata Prize Winners (J)


  • China’s Policy on the Introduction of Foreign Investment: Joint Stock, Joint Venture, and Cooperative Enterprises of Medium and Small Sized Enterprises (J)
    Wang Shikuan
    Deputy Director General, Centre for Business Cooperation and Coordination Deputy Director of Council, China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Trip Report on Harbin (J)
    Kazuhiro Hashimoto
  • Trade Matrix of Northeast Asian Countries (J)
  • Tariffs and Customs’ Policies of Three Countries in Northeast Asia (J)
  • ERINA News (J)

February 1994 Vol. 1

ERINA REPORT Vol. 1 [1.95MB]

  • Inauguration Message (J)
    Hisao Kanamori, President, ERINA
  • Greetings (J)
    Yoshihiro Sakamoto, Director, International Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
    Ikuo Hirayama, Governor of Niigata Prefecture
  • New Prospects for the Northeast Asian Economic Subregion: From Idea to Implementation (J)
    Makoto Nobukuni, Director, Research Division, ERINA
  • Foundation of ERINA Commemoration Seminar (J)
    • Relations between Northeast Asia and the United States
      W. Brooks
    • Development Projects in Northeast Asia
      Kazuo Ogawa
    • Development of Northeast Asia and Russo-Japanese Relations
      Andrei Rodionov
  • Economic Development and Social Overhead Capital: Estimation of Social Overhead Capital in the Three Northeastern Provinces of China Based on New Industrial Models (J)
    Toru Miyajima
  • Major Economic Indicators of Northeast Asian Countries (J)
  • ERINA News (J)
  • Introduction to ERINA (J)

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